Whether you are just doing your first steps towards cross-country soaring, or you are already a well-experienced pilot, expecting the finishing touches with professional feedback on board: Flying with the Champions offers that in one of the world’s best gliding regions.

Effective training with top pilots in double-seaters – regardless of the trainee’s present level – makes learning progress much faster. Whether you are aiming for maximum distance, close team flying or competing against each other: Flying with the Champions is the most effective training available in gliding. Lessons learned are reflected in briefings and debriefings, consistent training flights give an idea of possibilities. A highly qualified team on ground and in the air, well structured lessons as well as the outstanding weather-reliability but above all that the joy of flying are the ingredients to make this course a first-class-event…



The names of the Champions are always subject of changes, the last years: Andy Davis, Janusz Centka, Markus Frank,  Holger Karow, Stefano Ghiorzo, Arndt Hovestadt,  Wolfgang Janowitsch, Reinhard Schramme, Lukasz Wojcik, Erwin Ziegler, Ronald Termaat, Olivier Darroze, Pete Harvey, Steve Jones, Phil Jones, Andy Lutz all former European/World Champions!



about 130 km
southeast of Windhoek


7-day courses each:

31.10. – 6.11.2020
7.11. -13.11.2020


With a champion in a double-seater, direct transfer of knowledge is possible. With his feedback, the coach supports the
development of the trainee’s physical and mental skills. The structured training ensures defined goals. The trainee gets tools for his further individual development.


Gliders available are self-launching Arcus M, this year also the new Twin Shark.

They are in perfect condition, equipped with the best instruments. Most modern gliding computers are prepared with waypoints and airspace “ready to race”. The coaches are well familiar with the area. Effective training can start with the first launch.

The lodges offer everything you need also well away from flying: first class accommodation, competent and friendly staff and outstanding hospitality.


In the beginning, we are forming teams for the first half of the course. We try to respect all wishes of the trainee concerning coach and type of glider. After the weather briefing, the teams set their goals for the day. These can be quite different, depending on previous (Namibia-) experience. In the following days, the flights will be analysed by each crew in the evening. Next morning a peer review in the group will be made before the weather briefing. Based on the experience and cognition each team determines an individual task for the day. Only for the last day of each training period (3 days with the same coach), we will set a common competition task with regatta-start, like in a Grand Prix.

Experience of the previous events showed extraordinary progress with these methods. “Bad habits”, which emerged during years of lonely single-seater-flying, can be detected and corrected easily (scanning, control-inputs…). In addition, the mental abilities will be checked by the trainers (decision making, negative beliefs, risk management…).

To get the chance to learn from more than one expert, the pairings will be changed in the middle of the course. Apart from the immediate progress, every participant will get an idea about his own strong and weaker points. By that, the basis for further individual training is created.

If you wish to implement the lessons learned right after the seminar, you should book the required glider early!
We are happy to support you in any way in preparing this trip.If you wish, we organize airline-tickets, car-rental or possible other activities for you or your company, to make it an unforgettable event.



Entry fee: € 6.990,-

Price in Euro per person, including all costs for: glider (incl. oxygen and fuel), individual coaching by one of the Champions, navigation- and seminar documents, membership fee, all support needed for flight operations (briefing, ground handling, landing fee…), WLAN, transfer from and to Windhoek Airport, 8 days

accommodation, full board including common sundowner, afternoon tea/coffee and cake, all drinks up to a value of Nam$ 400,00, VAT and tourist tax. Not included personal expenses and, if applicable, costs for accompanying persons.


Ludwig Starkl

  • Married, six children
  • ~ 3000 gliding hours

  • Managing director Rent-a-Glider GmbH
  • 1xWGC, 3xEGC, Austrian champion ‘open class’ 1994, the three fastest 1000km of the recent years in Namibia
  • Container-transport and glider rentals, technical support of gliders, organizer Flying with the Champions

Wolfgang Janowitsch

  • Like married, one dog
  • ~ 7000 gliding hours

  • Chefpilot Rent-a-Glider GmbH
  • World Champion 2013, several times European Champion …
  • Container-transport
    Technical support for gliders
    Organizer Flying with the Champions

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