It seems that Rolf Oberloer truly tasted blood.

As reported on December the 12th he archived his first OLC 1,000 km flight. But, that just wasn’t enough for him. Not even 24 hours later he was on a new mission: a declared 1,000 FAI triangle.

The conditions were not that superb as the day before. Some early downpour in the East, some spread out in the western areas. But Rolf Oberloer was focused like no one else at Kiripoti. He was on a mission and nothing could stop him.

Well, to keep it short: he did it!

At Kiripotib Guestfarm it’s become a tradition to award pilots who fly a declared 1,000 km FAI triangle with a handmade carpet from our very own weaving place. And the celebrations last night Rolf also “jumped” in the pool… let’s see if this will be become a new thing!

Well done, Rolf!